Proper Russian Translation

High-quality language service from Eugenia Vlasova


I have been working as a freelance translator since 2003. Below is a list of selected projects I have worked on:

  • The book I was mostly mad now I'm mostly glad: 50 tutorials to teach you how to heal your life by Dr. Matthew Stewart, translation into Russian (in progress).
  • CC Advising, localization of the website, translation of the course material into Russian
  • A/O Bayer (Bayer Group company in Russia): English to Russian translation of corporate communication materials (press-releases, articles), financial reports, website localization (partial).
  • OTR Global: localization of the corporate website (the version for Russian sources), translation of reports into Russian.
  • Artosphere Design Studio: copy editing of texts in Russian for clients from various business segments, translation of advertising, corporate and marketing communication materials from Russian into English.
  • Open source software projects: localization of vino source package, AllTray and many others.
  • Neugebauer Rhapso GmbH: translation of business documents and presentation materials for PC-Topp scheduling system.

Please contact me for samples of my work.