Proper Russian Translation

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There are a few different types of rates you may find when shopping for a translator.

Some translators prefer to set their rates at an hourly basis. To calculate the final price, a translator needs to figure out how much time your text will take him to translate. My hourly rate is $30-$35.

The most common approach is a per word rate. For a customer, it is easier to figure out the final expenses on translation at least roughly knowing how much a word costs. By multiplying the total number of words in your text by the rate you will get the approximate price for translation. However, some texts are objectively easier and less time consuming than others, this is why many translations prefer to give a price range and estimate the final price for each exact text. For example, my rates range from $0.12 to $0.20 per word. If your text is 1000 words, the translation would cost you from $120 to $200, depending on its topic, urgenсy and other parameters.

In Russia, many translators prefer to count characters rather than words. A regular page of text (normal font size, single line spacing) contains about 500 words and 3,000-3,500 characters (with spaces). Having these numbers you can easily convert per character rate to per word rate and base your decisions on this calculations. My average rate is $15 per thousand characters.

Each project is unique, so the final price may vary greatly. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a fast quote. There's always room for negotiation.